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Bennamon leads Goose Creek past North Gwinnett in Roundball championship
Author: Philip Bowman
Goose Creek 59, North Gwinnett 51 Dantez Bennamon was dynamic in Monday's Rotary Roundball Classic, collecting 26 points and five rebounds in a 59-51 victory over North Gwinnett in the Rotary Foundation Bracket championship game at North Charleston.
2013 Rotary Roundball Classic: Recap nationally-ranked player mentioned
Author: Eric Hampford
North Charleston, SC (Future150) -- The Rotary Roundball Classic held every year in Charleston, SC has been known to attract great talent to the southeast. The 2013 tournament did not disappoint as the event was loaded with 2014 division one commits
MaxPreps 2013-14 South Carolina preseason boys basketball Fab 5
Author: Jon Buzby
MaxPreps 2013-14 South Carolina Boys Basketball Preseason Fab 5 presented by the Army National Guard 1. Goose Creek Head coach: Blake Hall 2012-13 record: 22-5, reached Class 4A state finals The Gators return five of their top
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